West meets East

Inspired by the classical still-life composition, Meeuws beautifully builds a space for the elements from different continents, a new world both real (with local references) and surreal (a mixture of species from different times and places). You witness Meeuws’ devotion to and worship of his country, the Netherlands, in the classical tulips; you immerse yourself in holy India in its South Asian decency; you feel the new air of tranquillity and thoughts in the white space of the Hommage à Sanyu series; certainly, you can also perceive the general fortitude of the Taiwanese.

To me, this series outlines what is most familiar to me about the island: seas of rice (Yuli, Hualien), waves (the East coast), mountains (Elephant Mountain, Taipei), ancient cities (Anping, Tainan), and delicate, prosperous and diverse lives bursting from artefacts and cultural relics. Yes, this is our island. It is discreet, but it never forgets to stand upright; it is modest, but it never forgets to be open-minded. Consequently, in Meeuws’ images, you are again aware of the connection and interaction between the Taiwanese and their waters, mountains and plants. The capsules of memories dissolve to release unforgettable beauty, inducing one to imagine the future.

Ralph Lin

Art critic / UNIRALPH / Art project editor